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The “Museum for Historical Maybach Vehicles” is the only museum representing a unique exhibition about history and production of Karl und Wilhelm Maybach. Samples are displayed on approximately 2.500 m² and tell you the history of the Maybach engines production, his cars, his motors and gear-boxes.



The Maybach-cars belong to the most precious ones in the history of motorcars lasting more than 100 years. In the twenties and thirties of the 20th century that were the most beautiful, the biggest and most valuable luxury cars, which also technically were absolutely at top position. From 1921 until 1941 approximately 1.800 Maybach-cars were fabricated. Nowadays 160 samples are still existing worldwide.



Experience the different stages of the 18 to 20 historical Maybach-cars in a chronological sequence, from a cut in pieces fragment found in a shed to the Concours-Classic. Historical motors, gearboxes and under-carriages are completing the exhibition as well as the interesting show cases, models and short films. Last not least stories about some Maybach-cars and their prominent first owners make history become alive.





Museum für historische Ma

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