Express Exhibition

Two-wheelers were produced in the factory building on Holzgartenstrasse from 1884 to 1959. The company originated from the kitchen stove factory S. Goldschmidt & Sohn, which was initially operated in the backyard of the hardware store at Oberer Markt 11 in Neumarkt. Based on the initiative of Carl Marschütz, an apprentice merchant, close ties were established to the mechanic Eduard Pirzer. The result was the foundation of the velocipede factory Goldschmidt & Pirzer in 1884, which in retrospect was one of the pioneers of the German two-wheeler industry. After Joseph Goldschmidt passed away on November 22, 1896, the factory was transformed into a public limited liability company, the Express-Fahrradwerke AG. Motorcycles were also manufactured there from the 1930s up until the factory gates closed in 1959.

The Express section in the Museum of Historic Maybach Vehicles uses large-scale photographs, machines and tools to present different areas of the production facility, such as manufacturing, assembly, storage and shipping. Whereas the two-wheelers on display date mainly from the 1950s, the Neumarkt City Museum also presents earlier products including penny-farthings.