Traces of the industrial past can also be found beyond the actual exhibition space on the grounds of the Museum of Historic Maybach Vehicles. The former administrative building on Holzgartenstrasse has been modernized and is once again being used as office space. The former glory can still be perceived in the new offices. The original cast-iron columns, visible after removing the cladding from more recent times, bear witness of the past in many rooms. Carefully restored parquet flooring as well as filigree wood and glass partition walls, salvaged from the historic building fabric, also shine in new splendor. New contemporary fixtures, openings and furniture form a harmonious contrast in terms of shape and material. Carefully detailed features allow the integration of contemporary lighting and media technology, which is either concealed or clearly visible as a contrast to the former ambience.

The versatile areas for events and conferences feature the same architectural language with a harmonious mix of historical and modern elements and materials. A section of the production hall has made way for a multi-story tower, which completes the urban development on Ingolstädter Strasse. Even though the architectural design with plain exposed concrete surfaces on the inside takes a backseat to the historic building stock, the new build is nevertheless confident in its appearance.