The history

The company Express built bicycles, mopeds and motorcycles in the industrial buildings at Holzgartenstrasse 8 in Neumarkt - now the Museum of Historic Maybach Vehicles - from 1884 to 1959. The use of the buildings changed several times in the following years up until 2005.


An exciting ensemble of buildings with a museum as well as space for cultural and commercial activities has developed since 2005 and transformed the industrial buildings that were once threatened by decay and demolition. The exhibition with historic Maybach vehicles forms the center of the grounds. In addition, due to the industrial past of the location, the former factory halls house an exhibition of the Express manufacturing plant with bicycles and motorcycles. The premises including the inner courtyard can also function as a venue for conferences, events and concerts, making it a lively place all day every day.

A current and future venue for the exciting display of vintage cars combined with art and culture in a historical setting.


Anna and Dr. Helmut Hofmann celebrated the inauguration of their unique museum for vintage Maybach cars and opened the heavy steel doors to guests from around the world.

There seemed to be no end to the stream of visitors filing through the imposing, sun-drenched courtyard. 700 guests graced the small Jurassic town with their presence, among them prominent persons from politics, science, church and society. The list of honorable guests included Michal-Graf Wolff-Metternich (founder and honorary president of the "Maybach Club"), Albrecht Graf von Brandenstein-Zeppelin (great-grandson of the airship builder Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin), Ulrich Schmid-Maybach (grandson of Karl Maybach), Thomas Gessler (grandson of Karl Maybach) and Prof. Hermann Gaus (project manager of the Maybach models 57 and 62). Other members of the Maybach family came to the inauguration all the way from America. Bavaria's State Minister Christine Haderthauer and Baden-Württemberg's State Secretary Friedlinde Gurr Hirsch were also among the guests.

Anna and Helmut Hofmann welcomed each visitor personally. The following ceremony was dominated by a fascinating program with music from the band "Kontrapunkt". The formation around Dr. Alois Kölbl, put together especially for this event, opened with "Air" by Johann Sebastian Bach – a perfect piece to celebrate Maybach.