MAYBACH vehicles:
Quality over quantity

Karl Maybach already decided to build his own automobiles in 1920. He presented his first car at the Berlin Motor Show one year later.

The vehicle Maybach W 3 embodies the company’s philosophy, which is based on Karl Maybach’s vision of vehicle construction: the only option is perfection. Intricate design, perfect craftsmanship, plenty of space and comfort for relaxed journeys. Customers appreciated Maybach’s strive for perfection.

The later models, which Maybach produced exclusively by hand and to order, were similarly large, heavy and expensive. The W 3 series was followed by the six-cylinder models W 5, W 5 SG, W 6 and DSH (double-six-half, i.e. a halved 12-cylinder engine). The first German twelve-cylinder car, Maybach 12, appeared in 1929. The DS 7 and DS 8 models of the Maybach Zeppelin, which were launched a year later, remained the pride of German automotive engineering for the following ten years.

The swing axle car series with the SW 35, SW 38 and SW 42 models marked the beginning of a new technical era in 1935. The SW 42 was the last Maybach car to be developed; the automobile production ended in 1940. In total, Maybach only built around 1800 luxury cars between 1921 and 1940.